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Playforia & changes to AntiCheat-rules
verfasst von Opti am 21.01.2017 21:46
Hello all players,

if you have problems with getting to pool on Playforia, here is tip how to get there:

First you need to search from your computer 'Java Control Panel' either 'Configure Java', after that you need to open 'Security' and press 'Edit site list'. Then add these links (when you add a link Control Panel asks about low security risk but just press Continue): (works well just with this link too, not necessary to add and
Then press OK from edit site list and Java Control Panel. After these all are done restart your browser and pool should work. If you try to other Playforia games and they don't work there's link when you try to get there. Link is (numbers appears where reads about adding Exception to Java Control Panel). If you have any problems please ask your clanleaders either WoP admins we'll help you with this case.

Also we announce there's also new rule for AntiCheat. For AntiCheat none-using and using outside of clanwars. Warnings for over 6 months doesn't exist if you get new warning.
For example if you have warning for using AC outside of cw for over 30 minutes on 21st June 2016 and you get new warning 22nd January 2017 we don't ban you, your old ban doesn't exist and you just get a warning.

Security Java

Add the exceptions of ur country:

Greetings to all from Adminteam.

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FP is back
verfasst von Chel am 06.10.2016 15:47
Please welcome FP to our community!

Good luck!

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New Clan!
verfasst von Opti am 11.09.2016 18:02
Please welcome EFC to our community!

Good luck!

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# Clan Punkte
1 FP 1321
2 oS 1163
3 EFC 1081
4 AWI 1078
5 BSG 1031
6 FAW 882
7 UPS 813
8 WWW 777
9 STP 764
10 HL 616
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# Clan Punkte
1 FP 413
2 EFC 342
3 AWI 164
4 FAW -81
5 WWW -892
6 UPS -901
7 STP -1666
8 BSG -2147482754
9 oS -2147482842
10 HL -2147483648
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# Spieler Punkte
1 FP Gaia 1714
2 BSG-Xantis 1648
3 BSG Mirin 1498
4 FP Mele 1496
5 FP Josh 1488
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